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VapeWeek - interesting event filled by steam, a large selection of liquid and pleasant persons with serious prizes.

I note that due to its compactness, VapeWeek was very cozy and companionable. We are pleased to once again spend time in the pleasant company. Thanks Smile Expo for the organizing and inviting.
exhibition visitor, Alex from VapersMD

We had a great experience with the organizers as well as the event. The venue was well organized and the layout and design of the space was well thought out. Vaping in Ukraine is just now taking off and we look forward to working again with Smile Expo team on future events in Ukraine.

Kurt Sonderegger, Founder/CEO Cafe Racer Vape Inc.

We have been working with Smile Expo Company for the past six months or so. We have now participated in two of their shows. We were fortunate enough to attend in person Ukrainian Vape Week this past weekend. We are impressed by the level of professionalism and the effort put forth to create an event. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the experience. We plan on continuing to work with Smile Expo Company and attend future shows. Keep up the good work!
Brady Hill , Product Specialist, Simply Vapour