1 July 2017, Odesa
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Workshop on coil winding on stage VAPEXPO Kiev-2016

Workshop on coil winding on stage VAPEXPO Kiev-2016

A workshop on coil winding will be run on the main stage of VAPEXPO Kiev-2016 on October 2, at 17:45. The workshop will be organized with support and participation of Vape House store.

Do not miss this workshop, as flavour and the amount of produced vapour highly depends on the quality of coil winding. Therefore the workshop will be run by a professional – Lev Dolubekov. He will reveal his secrets and tell about all subtleties of his craft.

At VAPEXPO you will learn to wind:

  • fused coils that provide a larger evaporation area, and consequently a richer flavour;
  • clapton coils, also called twisted coils, where e-liquid gets into chinks and provides dense vapour;
  • three-core fused coils that combine several wire types, excellently detain liquids and provide dense and tasty vapour;
  • zipper coils, which are rather easily wound, and at the same time look nice and provide the tastiest vapour clouds;
  • mirror coils, which are not difficult to wind, the most important thing is to polish them well, and tasty vapour is guaranteed.

All these types of winding allow producing better flavour and increasing the amount and density of obtained vapour. Proper winding insures uniform heating of the coil and better flavour release of used liquids.

That’s why you should definitely attend the workshop and learn winding supercool coils! Buy tickets here: http://vapexpo.kiev.ua/en/registration

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