1 July 2017, Odesa
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Wick&Wire and Enjoy Smoke – official sponsors of Ukrainian Vape Week

Wick&Wire and Enjoy Smoke – official sponsors of Ukrainian Vape Week

Wick&Wire and Enjoy Smoke have become sponsors of the international vape event – Ukrainian Vape Week – that will take place at the IEC on November 12-13.

They have prepared a pleasant gift specially for Vape Week guests: at entrance each attendee will receive a bottle of high-quality Ukrainian Wick&Wire premium e-liquid as a gift!

The company’s e-juices won twice in the “Best flavor” category at VAPEXPO Kiev!

Wick&Wire produces high-quality flavor mixes and successfully competes even with American premium e-liquids. Wick&Wire is the only one Ukrainian company that has entered the vape market of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland. Within the event, each participant will be able to taste personally exclusive mixes and assess the quality of produced e-liquids.

Enjoy Smoke is the All-Ukrainian online shop and group of nine vape shops in Kiev and Kharkov. High-level service and guarantee of selling products are their main features. Each shop assistant is vaper and knows perfectly well what to offer their customers. These people will never sell products they would not buy themselves.

Wick&Wire and Enjoy Smoke will sponsor the «Biggest Cloud» category (men up to 80 kg & 81+ kg) of the international tournament called The World Series of Vaping!

Register to Ukrainian Vape Week and get lots of impressions and gifts from our sponsors!

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