1 July 2017, Odesa
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Vario by T.O.C Mods – Korean simplicity

Vario by T.O.C Mods – Korean simplicity

Today we are going to represent you the next company producing devices from South Korea – Т.О.С. More specifically, we will talk about its rebuildable tank atomizer called Vario.

It is sold in a small plastic package. Besides a device, the kit includes a spare body, pin connector, drip tip and other service parts.

The tank is simple without any frills. Low and upper parts of the body are made of stainless steel – simple but tasteful. At least, a serviceable platform has an engraving with the name of manufacturer and model.

A serviceable platform system is outright common. Even those who are not going to be vapers can understand it. Well, it includes two screws opposite one another with the air supply hole placed between them.

Air is supplied directly to the coil, so the tank should provide excellent taste.

Platform diameter is 22 mm.

Nothing extra, just RTA is an approximate description of new Vario by T.O.C.

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