1 July 2017, Odesa
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Vapor Shark Vaporflask DNA133 – a DNA flask

Vapor Shark Vaporflask DNA133 – a DNA flask

Flask box mods were already popular when DNA40 chips were considered to be an excellent choice for comfortable vaping. Many things have changed since then, but fashion for such devices is coming back. With the only difference that a good device must provide an output of 100W, or better 200W, therefore DNA200 is a good choice. That is the chip installed in Vapor Shark Vaporflask DNA133.

It should be noted that the maximum output of this device is set to be 133W, despite the fact that it has a more powerful chip. The reason for that are only two 18650 batteries that simply cannot provide more capacity. But experience has shown that it is quite enough to generate lots of vapour. In all other respects it’s an ordinary DNA chip with a standard set of functions – temperature control and over discharge protection.

It’s difficult to talk about its shape. Seeing once is better than hearing twice. Generally speaking, it looks like an ordinary 200 ml flask. The main control buttons and a USB port are located on the lateral edge of the flask. A small display is top mounted near the connector; it has a diameter of about 1 inch. Besides, the device boasts a LED illuminated fire button, which is a very pleasant detail.

Vaporflask has decided to revitalize the classics, but the new interpretation does not look as attractive as it could. At a price of $170 you can find models with a more interesting design.

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