1 July 2017, Odesa
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Resident of Stolniy Grad will lead Ukrainian Vape Week

Resident of Stolniy Grad will lead Ukrainian Vape Week

GIGA aka Gerik Gorilla will be MC of the show program on 12-13 November at Ukrainian Vape Week.

He cooperates with the coolest Russian rappers: Rem Digga, Karandash, ST & Khamil, Kasta, and Salto Nazad band.

In 2011 with Basta, he has released a music video called “Zdraste” that has reached top views on YouTube.

At Vape Week event, the resident of Stolniy Grad band will rock vape party as MC.

The event program will be highly topical, including:

  • The World Series of Vaping with the prize pool of $5000;
  • shower of 1000 dollars;
  • sets of famous DJs;
  • hot show from Biokukli Project;
  • concert of Misha Krupin and other show business stars;
  • performances of the most beautiful PJs;
  • tattoo show;
  • pole dances;
  • beatbox battle;
  • and many others!

Do you want to hang out to quality music and vape to the fullest?

Come to the major vape event of the outgoing autumn – Ukrainian Vape Week.

Buy a ticket here: https://vapeweek.com.ua/en/registration#ifr_top.

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