1 July 2017, Odesa
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Purely Pocket by Fumytech – pocket device for beginners

Purely Pocket by Fumytech – pocket device for beginners

Fumytech is not as good advertised as other Chinese manufacturers of vaping devices. Although, you, probably remember or at least have seen a tiny device looked like the world-known Zippo lighter, called EZipe. By the way, despite its size and, supposedly, not really good idea, the device has turned to be successful.

Fumytech devices are worth noticing, thus today we will thoroughly review one of interesting devices of this manufacturer: Purely Pocket.

Like each self-respecting company, Fumytech has produced its starter kit: Purely Pocket device. This simple device is popular among its target audience – beginners.

Not all starter kits have the regulation feature, but Purely Pocket has it, ranging between 3.5—5V.The device operates on 2300 mah battery. When the state of charge reaches a critical figure of 10%, the indicator will turn red, warning the user about recharging. The device is designed for two kinds of vaporizers: 0.7 and 0.9 ohm ones. The difference between them is not so significant.

The airflow system is as simple as ABC. The air intake hole is beneath the body and nearby the manufacturer has drawn plus and minus sights in order to show beginning vapers how to increase or decrease inhaling.

The tank capacity is quite typical – 3 ml. However, today there are a lot of 2 ml tanks. So, 3 milliliters will be enough for the day of regular vaping.

If you are the owner of the modern professional device, this pocket kit will hardly impress you. It will rather evoke a smile like a cartoon that we have once seen. Its design is not unique, but technical characteristics are quiet enough to get rid of harmful addiction and to shift to vapor.

Moreover, this small pocket device has its special feature – a plug, preventing ingestion into the device through your drip tip.

Purely Pocket can be justly reputed as a good option to be carried in the pocket.

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