1 July 2017, Odesa
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Promotion of vape products will cost up to $10 million for the US

Promotion of vape products will cost up to $10 million for the US

It has been recently reported that every manufacturer and importer of vape products who started doing business after 15 February 2007 will be obliged to submit an application for premarket approval. It is the only possible pattern for seamless distribution of vape products.

Naturally, the majority of companies that specialize in e-cigarettes were founded after 2007. Therefore, they will have to wait until they get the premarket approval from representatives of the FDA.

Besides that, it has become known that even zero nicotine e-liquids can be classified as tobacco products that will require the approval from the FDA.

According to the preliminary evaluation, each case will be reviewed from 1500 to 5000 hours. Experts calculated that the cost of processing of each application can comprise from $200 thousand to $10 million. Such sums call into question the existence of vape market. Just several brands that constitute a part of tobacco corporations will be able to bear such expenses.

Experts believe that it can lead to illegal sales of mass market vape accessories. In its turn it will completely destroy the official vape market.

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