1 July 2017, Odesa
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Rules for safe vaping on holiday

Rules for safe vaping on holiday

If you are reading this article, you’re probably ready for your holiday and vaping. You’ve most certainly bought a ticket to the Ukrainian Vapor Week Odesa which will take place on July 1.

Indeed, what can be better than vaping in Odesa? You are sitting by the sea, vaping and watching the sunset… However, it is possible to enjoy vaping by the sea only if you are careful.

Shortly before the vape party at the beach, we decided to write safety rules you need to comply with to make holiday vaping a pleasant experience.

Rules to be safe by the sea

You know perfectly well, what a vaping device is. First of all, it is a thing with an electric current. Secondly, it generates vapor which means that it reaches high temperatures.

When you are at the beach:

  1. Don’t leave the device uncovered on overheated sand. Otherwise, you can get a reputation of a suicide bomber (at best). All kidding aside, if the battery explodes, you and people around you can be injured. Besides, you will lose your favorite mod.
  2. Don’t go into the sea with your device. Vaping in the sea is banned! Sea is water; your vape is an electric current. No need to explain further.
  3. Don’t leave the device unattended. Some people can steal it. Moreover, curious children or animals can take it, which can lead to dire consequences.
  4. Vape only nearby those people who don’t mind. Beach is a public place, so vaping by the sea is the same as vaping at the bus stop. You have to consider other people’s interests. It is more about decency than safety but you have to comply with the rule.

Safety rules for the Ukrainian Vapor Week Odesa

It is easier to vape here because you will be among people with common interests. This is real holiday vaping! Nevertheless, you’ll also have to obey several rules:

  1. Comply with the first two rules from the previous list. Your safety comes first. There will be no children, animals and people who are against vaping at the Ukrainian Vapor Week Odesa.
  2. Consume alcohol moderately. Don’t forget that it is hot at the beach and you can get drunk much quicker, which turns vaping on holiday and by the sea into a dangerous activity (it is easy to forget previous rules). No need to say that you can ruin somebody’s vacation as well.
  3. Listen to the host. The Ukrainian Vapor Week Odesa will feature many contests. If you want to take part in competitions, listen to the host explaining rules. You can win only if you adhere to them.
  4. Look both ways. Be attentive, maybe somebody doesn’t know gold rules of safe vaping by the sea. Be conscious and save vaping in Odesa!
  5. Contact organizers in every odd situation. If you feel like something is wrong, warn organizers or security, they will professionally deal with any problems.

That’s all! Apart from safety rules for vaping by the sea, we recommend you to learn vaper’s etiquette. Now you can party at the Ukrainian Vapor Week Odesa. Undoubtedly, vaping by the sea will be unforgettable!

Still don’t have a ticket to the Ukrainian Vapor Week Odesa? Hurry up to buy one – there are few left!

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