1 July 2017, Odesa
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Pollux 25 Kit by Vapwiz: copy of iJust S?

Pollux 25 Kit by Vapwiz: copy of iJust S?

is a subsidiary brand of Youde company. Developers decided to explore something new after atomizers and developed the simplest kit called Pollux 25. Even at first view, it looks like iJust S, Eleaf’s hit product. But first things first.

25 design is total minimalism: a tube with one button. Nothing catches the eye. The only thing improving the situation a bit is the possibility to choose color: back or steel. Besides control button, the body has a charge indicator and microUSB port for recharging.

mod height is 140 mm and weight is 184 g. 3200 mAh battery supports 0.15-3 Ohm atomizer resistance. Only 0.2 and 0.5 Ohm vaporizers can be used. capacity is standard: 4 ml. upper airflow is controlled by the ring.

Let’s sum up. All characteristics show that this mod is made pretty well and should operate correctly. But we see no reason why someone will buy it instead of proven iJust S. However, only time will tell: perhaps, Pollux 25 will surprise us in practice.

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