1 July 2017, Odesa
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PHIX by MLV – odd shaped ceramic device

PHIX by MLV – odd shaped ceramic device

Vaping trends began to borrow ideas from the past, so the number of cigalikes devices with enhanced parameters has increased significantly in the vape market. So today, we would like to present another new product of the segment - PHIX by MLV.

Its unusual shape guarantees that it will stuck in everyone’s memory at a glance. The chassis resembles an intricate block; instead of a rectangle, the base has a rhombus shape.

The device operates on 280 mA battery, minimum resistance is 1.4 ohm. The manufacturer claims that this will serve for 220 whiffs.

Instead of usual micro USB connector, the socket here is placed at the bottom of the chassis. The charger is magnetic: the battery is inserted into the charging socket, which in its turn connects to a power source.

cCell type vaporizers of the atomizer are ceramic based. Minimum resistance is not specified. Tank capacity is 1.5 ml.

According to customer's preferences, the manufacturer also offers its line of eliquids that consists of five flavors: strawberry, mint and three options of tobacco savors.

PHIX by MLV is a device for those who get satisfied with little. Kit’s price is $ 35 plus $ 20 for four cartridges.

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