1 July 2017, Odesa
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Pacto de Sangre from Golden Disciples – a mod for minimalists

Pacto de Sangre from Golden Disciples – a mod for minimalists

The Philippine vape device manufacturer Golden Disciples released a new box mod Pacto de Sangre, which, for now, is available only for pre-order. The name meaning is known only to the Spanish language experts.

Filipinos often focus on the device design, and this mod was no exception. All-in-all, it looks very minimalist and stylish. The body[АО1] has only one primary color: black, blue, white or gold. Gadget has the name of the model and company logo engraved on it.

Because the inside of the device is made of delrin, the mod does not heat up when you vape and it’s comfortable to hold in your hand.

The only downside is the quality of metal and paint. The developers saved some money on this, if you keep your box mod[АО2] somewhere in a bag with sharp objects, there will be marks and scratches left.

The device base has two holes for gas withdrawal, as well as two screws that hold the whole structure.


  • Size: 85.8 × 44.9 × 24.7 mm[АО3] ;
  • Materials: brass, copper, delrin;
  • Atomizer diameter: 24 mm;
  • Connector: 510th;
  • Battery: 18650.
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