1 July 2017, Odesa
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Nitecore SC2 – charging for all intents and purposes

Nitecore SC2 – charging for all intents and purposes

Everybody knows that only quality batteries can guarantee lasting pleasure of vaping. And to operate happily ever after, batteries require a good charging device that will fill them with power correctly. One of such devices is Nitecore charger.

Let’s start with a core feature – charger capacity. Nitecore SC2 provides up to three amperes of current rate, which allows to recharge a minimum capacity battery for less than an hour. The in-built board has a lot of useful options. For instance, it can prevent your battery from overcharging and automatically adjust charging output, depending on battery characteristics. The device is designed for two batteries but perfectly operates with one. Nitecore SC2 continuously controls voltage in order to keep normally battery resistance and provide its ultimate operation.

Nitecore charger body is made of high-strength plastic, corresponding to all safety standards. The gadget allows to recharge approximately three dozens of various batteries.

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