1 July 2017, Odesa
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Model M RDA: joking aside

Model M RDA: joking aside

After the much-talked-about release of flagship Model Т RDA, produced by well-known Chinese company EHpro in collaboration with American brand Duality Designs, these two companies revealed another novelty. Therefore, today we bring to your attention Model M.

Do not think that the airflow hole has 4 configurations, shaped as letter M. This time manufacturers decided not to spark new ideas in terms of technical characteristics, but to use more classical, though not less efficient solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at the tank and decide whether American-Chinese duet has managed to surprise exacting audience this time.

We do not know whether it was long ago that designers took a vacation and whether they still have a source of inspiration. Perhaps, it’s just a new corporate style from EHpro. Model М does not have picturesque elements, intricate patterns or something unusual as in Model T.

Technical characteristics

When developing this new RDA, manufacturers paid special attention to posts. According to them, the tank does not have posts, though.

There are two posts on the deck, with four holes 2.5 mm each, where legs of one or two coils are adjusted. Screws are located on the sidepiece of the deck. In general the deck is rather convenient, and this postless rebuildable atomizer looks rather novel and safe.

Airflow system features two wide, flatly shaped, horizontal slots, located on the top.


Diameter: 22 mm

Diameter without drip tip: 27 mm

Diameter with drip tip: 39.6 mm

This new model also uses the same wide and flat drip tip as the previous model. To honor the admirers of customary details, manufacturers have included a universal 510 connector with gold plated pin in a kit. Atomizer is made from stainless steel. It weighs 41 grams.

Examining the results of collaborative effort of companies from China and USA, we can conclude that they should not abandon their collaboration. Every new RDA they produce is getting better and better. It is unclear how manufactures will surprise us in the future, but Model M priced at $18-25 in Ukraine is worth of attention from advanced lovers of dense vapour. 

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