1 July 2017, Odesa
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Merlin Mini RDA CAP KIT by Augvape: a magical transformation

Merlin Mini RDA CAP KIT by Augvape: a magical transformation

Augvape released a high-quality Merlin Mini RTA quite a long time ago. Although much time has passed, the device remains in the top of sales. However, one should not sit idly – it is important to nail down the success.

That’s what the company thought and released a new device in the Merlin line. So meet Merlin Mini RDA CAP KIT.

Let’s refresh our memory about the above mentioned Merlin Mini RTA before describing the novelty. It looks modest, but offers a great functionality.

The thing is that manufacturer included two decks in the kit. Therefore, the atomizer can be equipped with a single coil or two coils on velocity style posts.

And now let’s return to the main hero of today’s review.

In fact, it is not an RDA, but just a top cap. In other words, an atomizer without a deck.

Readers can ask: “How to use it?” You should take Merlin Mini, take off the upper part, and place the cap kit on the deck. As a result, you get a fully-fledged dripping atomizer!

Besides, it looks very cool: the model name is engraved on the case, it has an interesting shape, and classic colors. What else is needed for success? A wide drip tip and it comes with the device.

Wonderful Merlin Mini RDA CAP KIT by Augvape costs around $11.

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