1 July 2017, Odesa
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Ukrainian Vape Week will provide maximum information and vapor

Ukrainian Vape Week will provide maximum information and vapor

The electronic cigarette concept was presented to the public in 2006 by Hon Lik. In the context of technological progress, it was a long time ago. Nowadays, we have an enormous variety of vaporizers that differ in a form, color, power, taste, price, etc. But the concept remains the same: inhalation of vapor instead of combustion products.             

It is impossible to consider modern devices solely as an alternative to something. It is a new trend that simplifies life and allows to vape favourite flavors without irritating surrounding people with acrid smoke.      

But how can one understand what to buy, how to maintain and fill? And what is the difference between that red one and this black one? This situation requires expert’s advice and an appropriate starter set. As an example, we will review a respectable kit for a beginning vaper – eVic AIO by Joyetech. Devices of this Chinese manufacturer are popular almost in the whole world and are on sale in each Ukrainian vape shop.              

eVic AIO was issued in 2016. This device looks pretty impressively, thus you can easily show it in the company of professional vapers with expensive mods. The device is available in black and iron-grey colors but the manufacturer has also developed a lot of colorful stickers of eco-leather for those aiming to be unique.    

The mod operates on single 18650 battery that can be recharged via micro-USB. You can find it by taking the cap off the body. Besides, the cap is securely hold on the magnet, so opening/closing is quite convenient.          

Moreover, this model has its own highlight on the display: a watch showing time in analogue and digital mode. Everything is controlled by a single button, which you can hardly mishit.   

The manufacturer has tried to bring atomizer part of the device closer to the common tank: 3.5 ml capacity regulated by the airflow. The kit includes 5 different vaporizers, so you can choose the one you like the most.   

You will also find 510 adapter in the box. Later on, he will allow you to use almost any favourite atomizer. You can refill the device by untwisting the drip tip cap.   

eVic AIO by Joyetech is a quality and easy-to-use starter kit that can be easily disassembled, washed and cleaned. The kit also includes replaceable stickers, so the color of the device can be changed. The good thing is that you will be able to set up more advanced tank and keep using the familiar device.        

But as the saying runs, а picture is worth a thousand words. You will be able to have a look at this device at Ukrainian Vapor Week. The event will present starter kits for beginners from market leaders and ultramodern devices for professionals.

Vapeexpo events are famous not only by its special atmosphere, spectacular show, constructive discussions, but also by generous gifts from exhibitors who prepare lots of activities and gifts for each Vape Expo Kiev. Stands will allow all participants to taste the most yummy and expensive e-liquids from American manufacturers and to get acquainted with Ukrainian product.           

Come to Vape Week Kiev on 12-13 November, take advice, taste, receive valuable gifts and enjoy the tastiest and the densest vapor at the best Ukrainian vape party.  

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