1 July 2017, Odesa
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KillingTime: new RDA by Secret squad

KillingTime: new RDA by Secret squad

Vaping device manufacturers follow various methods in order to impress vapers with their products: some of them develop astonishing design, others work on amazing specifications or call their devices in quite an unusual manner. For instance, Secret squad has introduced an RDA with intriguing and disturbing name: KillingTime.

It is immediately obvious that designers have done a good job. The RDA looks simply and stylish. While manufacturers often copy gadget elements and supposedly create “something new”, the Secret squad team has taken into account customers’ needs, producing a multi-purpose novelty. Currently, the atomizer is available in steel and black colors. s core material is 316 stainless steel.

The RDA consists of two parts: an airflow control ring and serviced deck. It features a side air-supply system. This option can be used when small holes at the bottom of the deck won’t be enough for you.

The serviced deck is equipped with wide posts. Each of them has a screw designed to fix coil ends.

The kit includes the atomizer and a package with additional standard stuff.

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