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How to fill a mod?

How to fill a mod?

Filling a box mod is as easy as refueling a car. The most important thing is to pour liquid into the correct hole.

The operating principle of all devices lies in heating the coil or replacement coil head to the required temperature. As a result, liquid is heated up and evaporated. We inhale this vapour. If it has a bitter taste, it means that there isn’t enough of liquid on the heating element and cotton starts to burn. It’s better not to go to such an extreme and refill the eJuice in time.

It is high time to make it clear where to pour it.

как заправить мод

If you are holding a mod with a tank, you need to unscrew, remove or take off the top cap of the tank and find a specially designated slot (if it is provided), slightly tilt the tank and fix it at an angle of 45 degrees, put a bottle nozzle or a pipette against the wall of the tank and start pouring the liquid. Don’t fill to the brim; it’s better to leave several millimeters of space than to dirty your device and hands.

заправить мод

RDA and RDTA are quite a different story. RDA’s require refilling before almost every vaping session, and when using new cotton for the first time, you need to pour enough of liquid on the coils and thoroughly drip on the cotton from all sides. Close the cap afterwards and allow the liquid to brew.

If you fill the mod for the first time, don’t start testing the liquid straightaway. Give it several minutes to brew in order to saturate the cotton well and to cover the whole surface of the coil. Remember this rule and follow it every time when you change the coil or coil head. These component parts will last for a longer time in such a way and you won’t feel the bitter taste.

Have a nice vaping experience!

заправка мода

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