1 July 2017, Odesa
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Herakles Pro NANO – little pigeons can carry great messages

Herakles Pro NANO – little pigeons can carry great messages

Sense products are valued for high quality materials and seamless assembling. I think you have already heard from fellow-thinkers about at least some version of Herakles atomizer, indeed, there are a lot of them. But today we will talk about Pro atomizers.

Herakles Pro Nano is compact. Despite the fact that it operates on replaceable vaporizers made of Japanese organic cotton, its power level pleasantly surprises. The manufacturer positions this atomizer as a successful option for short walks.

The kit includes 0.4 and 1.8 Ohm vaporizers. Herakles Pro capacity is 2 ml. The airflow can be regulated for 2 or 6 mm. The connector is standard: 510. The tank is glass. The approximate price: 30 US dollars.

The base diameter of the atomizer is 22 mm and reservoir diameter is 23.8 mm. It looks quite attractive and is available in three colors: silver, black, and gold. The atomizer is made of stainless steel, thus it will keep looking well for a long time.

Unscrewing Pro Nano upper valve, you get an access to two big holes designed for upper filling. An obvious disadvantage of this tank is a poorly thought-out e-liquid supply system. To fill it, one should slightly rotate a top cap counterclockwise, but consequently the tank is unscrewed as well. Only practice can cope with this unpleasant moment. If not taking into account this detail, the tank is quite respectable and will be a good choice for experienced users who vape once in a while.

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