1 July 2017, Odesa
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EKEE from Joyetech – a smart setup with disputable specifications

EKEE from Joyetech – a smart setup with disputable specifications

Joyetech is a company that launches not only qualitative box mods and atomizers but perfect starter sets for beginners. Among them – a new product EKEE.

Users get a device in a usual cardboard package. The cover represents a setup, on its sides, you will find the names of the model and the company. The back side contains technical specifications. In addition, the set includes a cable for the device charging and updating.

The mod has a fashionable and smart look: its form isn’t similar to usual rectangular devices, which attracts attention. Regulatory buttons are comfortably positioned, a color display is on one of the mod sides. The vaping device is available in various designs: black and blue, black and yellow, black and green, black and red, black and silver, etc.

Its performance is questioned due to two disputable moments: output and autonomy. 80 W for output is very low since many vapers strive for devices from 200W. Besides, 2000 mA/h will allow you to enjoy vaping for no more than a day. Never-ending charging of the device isn’t a way-out.

Technical specificities:

  • output – 1-80 W;
  • coil head resistance (temperature control) – from 0.05 Ohm;
  • coil head resistance (variable wattage) – 0.1-3.5 Ohm;
  • battery – 2000 mA/h;
  • tank capacity – 4.5 ml.

The device price is $50.

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