1 July 2017, Odesa
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Continuous Current Manhattan V3 – vaper’s old friend

Continuous Current Manhattan V3 – vaper’s old friend

AmeraVape Manhattan mechanical mod was a fashion statement in the vaping world several years ago. It’s been a while since the revival of legendary Continuous Current device appeared.

Continuous Current Manhattan V3 looks like the previous version: understated and stylish. It is available in several colors, but the most popular is iron grey. The mod consists only of three parts: body, button and dismountable connector. There are airflow holes in the center of the device from both sides. A button retracting mechanism operates on magnets, which is a quite reliable solution.

The body depicts Continuous Current engraving. It looks nice but a slit become littered very fast and the mod should be wiped. Assembling is quality and paint is long-standing.

Manhattan v3 can be easily recommended to those who miss classic. The device looks respectable and provides perfect productivity. The only one disadvantage is kitting: 150 dollars mod is delivered in a cheap velvet bag.

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