1 July 2017, Odesa
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Coil Master Spinner 1: device with spinner

Coil Master Spinner 1: device with spinner

It’s no secret that spinners have successfully fit in vaping subculture and become extremely popular. Besides, they are so popular that vape manufacturers have focused on producing such things.

Today, such stuff can be found among products of such companies as IJOY, Comp Lyfe, Zero Gravity and others. But they only issue standard spinners, while Coil Master has decided to stand out among others. So, meet the first Spinner 1 mixed with a vape device!

The company presented the novelty on June 15 on its official Instagram page. The most interesting feature of the new device is that it can be synchronized with a mod and RDA. According to company’s concept, the spinner is installed between them.

This toy is equipped with two silicon plugs, protecting the device from damages. It is connected with the gadget using 510 adapter.

The spinner can be produced either of steel or of brass.

The mechanism is simple: the adapter is put on the mod; the plugs and spinner are inserted into this adapter, and, finally, all of these are fixed by the RDA.

The manufacturer assures that the system can be also used with hybrid RDAs.

If users find no sense in combining the spinner and device, they can use the toy independently.

The novelty costs around $10.

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