1 July 2017, Odesa
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What you will be doing at Vape Week next weekend

What you will be doing at Vape Week next weekend

Don’t even think about making plans for November 12-13, as there will be a super-vaping event of intergalactic significance on that date – Ukrainian Vape Week!

You will be enjoying various contests, cool prizes and presents from our foreign and domestic sponsors, as well as music from the best Ukrainian DJs and rappers. 

Diamon Vapor general sponsor of TWSOV – will judge the international vape contest Thе World Series of Vaping and define competition winners. 

Ukrainian company Wick&Wire will present every participant with a bottle of their exclusive premium e-liquid. 

Apart from cash prize, contest winners will be awarded with presents from Sub Ohm Innovations.

Only at Ukrainian Vape Week you will be able to enjoy inimitable flavours of premium e-liquids from the USA, produced by such iconic brands as Simply Vapour and CAFE RACER VAPE.

You will have an opportunity to try the best foreign e-liquids and test the latest devices absolutely for free at the booth of French company JWell.

At Vape Week you will understand that Ukrainian mixtures are just as well as the American. Such companies as Chicano, Ariant, YOZ and Virgin Vape will help you assure yourself of it.

Many new and interesting developments in the world of vaping will be showcased by such shops as Vaping Stuff, Vape Shop Kiev and others!

You think there cannot be so many freebies? Just believe in it! Register for Ukrainian Vape Week! You will be able not only to try eJuices and check out new devices, but also to have a blast!  

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