1 July 2017, Odesa
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C-Flat by Vaptio – a mod with two modes of inhaling

C-Flat by Vaptio – a mod with two modes of inhaling

Vaptio is not highly recognized in vaping community. The guys are working hard and constantly releasing new products in order to gain more popularity. Their latest product is a mod C-Flat.

C-Flat faces harsh competition on the market of similar products. Notwithstanding, one can dare to claim its design the best. The team made a right decision by creating a more stylish device, not another flat stick. For instance, the new product is more convex compared to other ones offered on the market.

The body consists of an atomizer and a battery of different colors. There are three gadget designs available: gold-white, red-black, and black.

C-Flat flavor is an automotive change of an inhaling mode. It depends on the side a vaper keeps the e-device. There are two of them - MTL and DL.

The device provides the short circuit, over heat, and 5s over vaping protection. It takes 1.5 h to charge it by a micro-USB. E-liquid capacity is 1.5 ml. Vapers will be pleased since it can be filled any moment.

Technical specifications:

  • battery capacity – 350 mA/h;
  • output – 15 W;
  • resistance – 0.8-1.2 Ω;
  • e-liquid capacity – 1.5 ml.

The mod price is $30.

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