1 July 2017, Odesa
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$5000 to the best cloud chaser in Europe!

$5000 to the best cloud chaser in Europe!

On November 12-13, as part of VapeWeek, one of the most important international events will take place – The World Series of Vaping. Every vaper, in every corner of the world, is waiting for it. This year, Ukraine has the great honor to hold this vape event, and we will organize it at the highest level!

Would you like to become one of the most recognizable personalities of the whole vape community? And to win $5000 and leave the autumn-winter monotony for a holiday in warm countries?

Participate in one of the main battles of the year and try to win the main prize – $5000. But we would like to warn you at once: the competition won’t be simple. Everyone wants to get this cherished sum, that’s why not only local cloud chasers, but also the best vapers from all over the world will take part in the tournament!

Well, do you feel tingles down your spine? Are you contemplating how you will spend the winnings? Start realizing it today – buy a ticket for VapeWeek and register for the participation in the battle: https://vapeweek.com.ua/en/registration#ifr_top.

But that’s not everything what organizers of VapeWeek are preparing for you. Follow the updates on the website: https://vapeweek.com.ua/en/news-vapeweek-kiev.

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