1 July 2017, Odesa
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19 September is the World Vaping Day

19 September is the World Vaping Day

Every year, we celebrate the World Vaping Day on September 19.

Do you already know how you will celebrate it?

The first World Vaping Day was celebrated in 2012 and had a tremendous success. Vapers from all over the world raised their electronic cigarettes to welcome a new phenomenon - vaping, which is less harmful alternative to smoking.

On this day, vapers around the world remember their conscious rejection of cigarettes and take pride in their transfer to an innovative alternative. If you are a beginner or a veteran in vaping, September 19 is a great reason to congratulate yourselves on the right choice and rejection of the tobacco smoke, odour and resins. On this day, you should devote time to talk a bit about vaping with your friends and acquaintances, who have not given up cigarettes yet.

In Ukraine, this trend is only growing, so the information to be delivered by you will most likely be new for those friends, who are not vapers yet, and will help them abandon the harmful dependence.

Vaping brings people together in one large community. Over the years of this concept existence, there has been created the whole vaping culture. Today, vaping is something more than simple replacement of tobacco products. It means to be a part of the popular, tasty and interesting community of vaping lovers.

Vaping is becoming a part of modern life. This is a new form of cultural leisure time, which is being actively developed across the globe.

Ukraine has not developed a tradition to celebrate the Vaping Day. We do not know when this holiday will gain some importance in our country. However, we know exactly where the vaping atmosphere will run high - at VAPEXPO to be held in Kiev on the first weekend of October. Come and fill full tank of your mood with positive!

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